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James River Blue Catfish Guide offering Catfishing Trips in Virginia!

Fish Unlimited Guide Service, Inc. is a Catfishing Charter Service known for catching Trophy Blue Cats on the James River, based out of Richmond, Virginia, and also available for surrounding areas Chesterfield, Chester, Hopewell, and Henrico County.
Captain Chuck would like to share his passion for fishing with you!
Providing you with the exciting opportunity of a lifetime to catch Citation Blue Catfish on the Historic James River.
You will find the catfishing charter service provided by Fish Unlimited Guide Service, Inc. to be professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
James River Blue Catfish Guide
Thundermist Fishing Tips

Fish Unlimited Guide Service was featured on Thundermist Fishing Tips with Ivo Coia.
Check out the video below!!
Old Dominion Club Catfish Tournament
October 25th, 2014
Old Dominion Catfish Club Tournament Chuck Jarvis October 2014

Fish Unlimited Guide Service took Second Place in the Old Dominion Club Catfish Tournament with a 47.75 and a 50.95 pound catfish.

First Place: Gregory Dehner, Michael Burris, 58.10 and 51.35. Total: 109.45
Second Place: Chuck Jarvis, Charles Jarvis, Vernon Walker, Jean Walker, 47.75 and 50.95. Total 98.70
Third Place: David Smith, Carl Smith, David Harris, Chad Reedy,
64.60 and 33.20. Total: 97.80
Recent James River catfishing trip photos!

These are only some of our recent catches.
Please visit our gallery to view all of our exciting images.
57 Pound Catfish in Richmond September 2015
 57 pounds. September 26th, 2015
56 Pound Catfish Richmond Virginia August 2015
 56 pounds. September 12th, 2015
James River Catfishing August 2015
 August 30th, 2015
James River Guide Service August 2015
 August 28th, 2015
Catfish Guide Service August 2015
 August 22nd, 2015
Catfish Guide Service Richmond August 2015
 August 15th, 2015
James River Catfish Guide Service August 2015
 55 pounds. August 8th, 2015
Virginia catfish August 2015
 August 7th, 2015
James River catfish August 2015
 August 1st, 2015
July 2015 on the James River
 July 29th, 2015
James River catfish July 2015 73 Pound Monster
 73 pounds. July 10th, 2015
James River catfish Summer 2015
 June 29th, 2015
Blue Catfish June 2015
 June 28th, 2015
Catfishing Summer 2015
 June 27th, 2015
Virginian catfish Summer 2015
 June 25th, 2015
Virginian blue catfish, April 2015
 April 14th, 2015
Monster James River catfish, April 2015
 April 12th, 2015
Huge catfish, April 2015
 April 11th, 2015
Virginia catfish, April 2015
 April 4th, 2015
We won the Old Dominion Catfish Club Tournament!!
October 19, 2013

We won with a total weight of 102.68 pounds!
Our second win this year out of four tournaments.

Here are the pictures:
Old Dominion Catfish Club Tournament Winners
Old Dominion Catfish Club Tournament October 2013
Fishing Kid on the James River in Richmond, Virginia
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Blue catfish
Blue Catfish

One of the largest species of catfish is the blue catfish. The blue catfish can reach lengths of 65 inches and weigh up to 150 pounds. The current state record is 143 pounds. The blue catfish will eat any type of fish that it can catch but favorites include shad and herring. Reeling in a monster blue cat is a thrill like no other and fun for the whole family!
The James River in Virginia
The James River

The beautiful James River stretches 348 miles from the Appalachian Mountains to the Chesapeake Bay. It has been used as a major waterway for centuries and was once known as the Powatan River. The James River is home to the blue catfish and the Atlantic sturgeon as well as the largemouth bass, white perch, and striper. There are also many recreational adventures to enjoy such as canoeing, water skiing, hiking, and many more. Let Fish Unlimited Guide Service, Inc. share the excitement of fishing and the beauty of the James River with you today!
Contact Captain Chuck now to book your trip!
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Captain Chuck
Fishing Image 2
Captain chuck worked his A** off to get us fish this man just would not give up great guy amazing time highly recommend.

Awesome guide works very hard to get u into the fish...highly recommend Fish Unlimited Guide Service!! Will be booking again! Thanks again Chuck!

He was a real nice guy. I caught a 57 pound catfish, It was a blast.

Captain Chuck put us on fish in very poor condition. Caught some nice fish he never stopped or gave up worked very hard to put us on fish on a day I thought we would have no luck at all. Thanks Chuck awesome job. Also I am an amputee he was so helpful in helping around the boat could not ask for a better guy!

Captain Chuck is the man! Showed my father and I a great day of fishing that I will certainly never forget! Best experience I've had on a guided trip he went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Chuck, we will certainly be seeing you again!

Went fishing 12/28. Best guide on the river. I would not use anyone else. He was so hard working. We were catching fish when no one else was. His knowledge of the river and fishing is unmatched.

Had a blast with some great people including Captain Chuck! He is the man if you want to catch fish. He shared great stories and experiences he has had on the James River. Can't wait to get back out on the water with him and more of my buddies. All I can say is that there were three of us fishing and all three landed citation blue catfish!

If I ever get an opportunity to visit the Richmond, VA. area again, my first priority is to book a day with Capt. Chuck!! He is a very hard working guide that will do whatever it takes to make sure you get to bend a rod on a big ol' blue!! Class act!

All I can say if big fish are what you are after, Chuck is the man! 76 # right after a 49 before 10 am. He works hard and knows the river. Shares what he knows. Awesome guide! 5 stars